...though Israel and the U.S. would really be the most upset by such news, and would work to put him back in control (...wonder why!?).

The following excerpt from an article by Osamah Khalil ("Shameless" in the Electronic Intifada) is no joke:
"With each passing day the depth of the PA leadership's degeneracy is revealed. Their corruption and ineptitude, so blatant and glaring over the past 13 years, has now been supplemented by a cynicism and sadism directed toward their own people with the support and encouragement of the US, Israel, the European Union, and the international community. This leadership, which once proclaimed "revolution until victory," long ago abandoned that mantra and chose to turn rebellion into money. They have shamelessly ignored the needs and will of the Palestinian people and led them to the brink of ruin. Only by abandoning this leadership can Palestinians hope to reverse this course and ensure that they determine their own future. The choice has never been starker or more certain."

Palestinian-American analyst, author and former journalist Nadia Hijab stated at the recent One State conference in Boston, that:
"..we need to challenge the people claiming to be our leaders, so that they are not allowed to impose solutions that violate our human rights."

Mahmoud Abbas' term ended in January 2009. If you would like to remind him that he should step down, and take his team with him, please fax him in Palestine at ++ 972 22 969 740. He has also recently fired the most admirable, honest, and effective diplomat Palestine ever had, Mr. Afif Safieh, for participating in a rally supporting Gaza! A possible message to include could be "SAFIEH FOR PRESIDENT - NOW!"

Abbas Kiss My Ass